Print on demand

Besides the books listed here I am offering a series of print-on-demand books, i.e. these books are produced for the individual buyer. Books will be dispatched as soon as possible, however, sometimes I'll have to order copies myself as I have only a limited stock at my studio. Please allow 3 to 6 weeks for printing and delivery, depending on your order and where the order is being shipped.

The white books feature artworks I have made over the course of my career. They are catalogues of particular projects that have not previously been available as books. The editions of the white books are unlimited, the books are neither numbered nor signed. (Due to the insufficient service of the print-on-demand provider most white books are no longer print-on-demand but were printed in editions; for the sake of continuity they are listed in this category.)

The grey books are artist's books, i.e. the books do not "contain" art but they are works of art in themselves. The editions of the grey books are unlimited, but each book will be numbered and signed.

The black books are the more popular and cheaper line of artist's books. They are concerned with finding patterns within the behavior of modern photography. These are books about photography but from a more "light-hearted” perspective. The editions of the black books are unlimited, the pocket-sized books are neither numbered nor signed.

There are also some miscellaneous books that do not fall in any of the white / grey / black categories although the colours of some of the covers would suggest they do. Check them out.